You can’t rely on the conventional approach.

Exploding malwares, endless software vulnerabilities, and evolving cyber attacks…
Today, it is actually impossible to protect computers from malicious attacks
and intrusions by conventional technologies.

We went back to the root.

From computer’s point of view, there is no difference between normal program and malware.
We went back to the root and started from scratch - then realized that we should focus on executed processes, not programs.

Out technology made the impossible possible.

To monitor and protect the computer from outside. Tried by many professionals in vain,
it said to be impossible. Finally, we made it.


Now we introduce a whole new type of cyber security software, which takes control all computer processing and never allows execution of intruder’s program. INT-R boots up right after power-up, then starts working in a memory space which is never accessed from OS. It monitors processes by CPU, OS and applications, detects malicious requests by intruder’s program, and safely stops them before they are executed. We know how attackers try to intrude the system, because we understand how it works, deeply inside. INT-R shuts all those intruder’s paths and fully protects the system.