A whole new type of cyber security software which takes full control over computer and never allow malicious programs to execute. INT-Φ boots up right after computer power-up and starts working on a memory space where OS can never access. Then, it monitors whole processes in CPU, OS and applications and detects and safely stops malicious processes. We know how attackers try to hack the computer system. By blocking all the paths, INT-Φ fully protects even from unknown threats.

INT-Φ Protection Model

It protects computer from any cyber attacks, in real-time.Malicious programs try to build its working environment by making invalid changes on CPU and OS, elevate privileges, and start new process to communicate with external server. These processes have all in common regardless the program is known or unknown. INT-Φ Protection Model monitors all the processes requested by programs at CPU instruction level, and only stops malicious process before its execution.

INT-Φ Surveillance Model

It works just like Protection Model, but it doesn’t stop program execution, and generates detailed logs. With this model, you can check whether your own custom applications interfere protection policies of INT-Φ, prior to install Protection Model.

INT-Φ Analysis Model

It generates more detailed logs than Surveillance Model. With this model, you can trace and analyze behavior of targeted (usually malicious) programs, or computer’s working status at very deep level.

Consulting Service

With our products and analysis capabilities, we provide you with review and advice on your computer systems against serious cyber attacks, mainly from endpoint security perspective.

Training Services

For our product deployment, we offer training programs for end users and system administrators. The programs cover our knowledge on security protection and usage of our products. Upon your request, we can offer advanced training programs for developers.